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It’s time to get information about your project

What information is required to start production of a project?

You can send us any kind of files, even hand sketches. Basic materials we work with: project description, specific details, technical drawings, 3D models, moodboard, site photos, google maps location, etc.

  • Description
    Please provide a description of your project and its purpose. Also add any information that will help us when working on the project.

  • Drawings
    DWG-drawings or PDF files. Freehand sketches can also be included. Everything that can help us with better under- standing of your idea. If you have any suggestions for camera angles, please indicate them.

  • 3D model
    We can use any file format that is convenient for you. It can be SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, Archicad etc.

  • Moodboard/references
    Finishes/materials examples. References of atmospere which you want to recreate in images. Just some pictures with mood you like. It also can be references from our portfolio.

  • NDA Status
    Will we be able to publish the project? Do you have a non-disclosure agreement? If you have signed the NDA, please tell us how long it will take for publication to become possible.

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reference diagram_190923 diagram model.j
1 (1).jpg
Vector Smart Object.jpg
CYLIND Commercial_Kolia correct.jpg


Schedule for input and deliveries


Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Final delivery



Provide project brief and assets

Choose viewponts, provide feedback

Provide feedback

Provide final minor feedback

1 day

1-2 days

3-4 days

1-2 days

2 days

1-2 days

2 days


Deliver sketches, propose viewpoints

Apply adjustments, provide 2nd preview

Apply adjustments, provide 3rd preview

Apply adjustments, provide final image

  • Important note!
    Please strive to provide your feedback within 1-2 business days. This way we will be able to keep a good working pace.

Stage 1

Viewpoints selection

Stage 2

Preview in color

Stage 3

Preview in color

Final delivery

We suggest camera angles that work best in our opinion. At this stage we set and confirm viewpoints and aspect ratio of the image. The previews are made in clay material.
A clay render is an effective solution to show a model, and especially its topology. Every object of the scene is untextured and is defined by only one material: a warm grey matte, which remind clay. The result is a monochromic picture.

The client chose the frontal view option.



  • I have a very urgent project. Can you complete it in less than 5 business days?
    Yes, we have experience in urgent projects. Our studio will be able to complete a project in a very short time due to the involvement of several specialists in the project at the same time. We divide 3D scene into sections, each section is assigned to one specific artist. This allows speed up the workflow significantly. Our personal record for production of an exterior image is just 24 hours. We must inform you that speeding up the production process still affects the quality of the final image. We usually make an urgent image for a client’s submission and then finish it in a regular mode.

  • How my feedback should look like?
    The most convenient way is a PDF file with your markups right over our draft images. Like it showed in the workflow description examples. Then add it to an archive, as well as any images that you link to in the PDF file and other information that will complement your comments.

  • What software do you use?
    We use 3Ds Max + Corona Renderer

  • What are your payment terms?
    We start to work after a 50% prepayment. You pay another 50% after completion of a project. We always receive payments to our business bank account.

  • How many adjustment sessions can I request?
    Cost of a project includes the described 3 adjustment sessions: one for the clays stage and one for the each colored stage.

  • What is the cost of additional adjustment session?
    Extra adjustment session will cost 10-20% of an image cost.

  • Can you create a model from scratch if I don’t have it?
    Of course. If you don’t provide a 3D model - our 3D modeling specialist can create it. We estimate modeling work separately.

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